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Mounting a Microscopic Book

One of the treasures I was recently asked to prepare for display was a book called The Smallest Book in the World. The library owns two copies printed by German typographer, Josua Reichert. The tiny book contains typography that was uniquely designed specifically for the binding. Each page contains a CMYK colored alphabet letter in an exquisitely designed font. While not currently the smallest book in the world, it is probably the smallest traditionally printed edition!

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Paper making in the lab

In April the Provost Office awarded the lab funds to purchase paper making equipment through the Third Century Faculty Research Materials Grant.  Over the next six months the lab intends to establish a workflow for paper making so that we may begin producing our own archival quality papers for conservation treatments.  With the grant monies we purchased a Hollander beater in July, and yesterday the other pivotal piece of equipment arrived, a hydraulic press.  The beater masticates fibers, that with water, create a fiber slurry that is poured into a mould.  Each mould forms a single sheet of paper that is then pressed to remove the excess water –  further bonding the fibers and creating a smooth surface.

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Beater on cart

hydraulic press

Our hydraulic press was made specifically for the lab by our amazing UC carpenters

Holly Prochaska (UC) — Preservation Librarian