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The Collapsible Book Cradle

I love to design and make things work! Recently I have had the opportunity to kick around a new contraption for displaying or otherwise supporting books, the collapsible book cradle.

These guys are handy for keeping a book stable for viewing which greatly reduces the wear and tear on the object through excessive handling. The cradle is also useful as a support for a book in delicate condition for the conservator or tech to perform repairs.

This particular cradle design also has the feature to collapse to a book like shape which can be stored on the book shelf next to the other books when not in use. Thus the name “The collapsible book cradle”.


Since creating one from a web blog by Elissa Campbell, I have made one for a miniature book (it’s so cute!) and several to distribute to various departments. I’ve just finished one for an oversize book that was just treated in the lab for the UCL’s Classics Library.

In about 2 weeks I am going to be holding a workshop to make the cradles here at the lab. I think these are a great versatile tool easy to make and easy to store when not in use.

Chris Voynovich (PLCH) — Conservation Technician

The Halloween Spirit

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Pictured: Our talented and productive conservation lab technicians, Jessica Ebert and Veronica Sorcher.  They are teaming up to create a reinforced corrugated bankers box for the PLCH historic newspaper collection.  And in the forefront, the Preservation Lab pumpkin!  One side has our “individual identity” and the other the logo of our favorite local sports team(s)… go lab, go Bearcats!

librarylinks_AS&HPThe start of Fall has been a busy and productive time for the lab.  We’ve been engaged in workshop opportunities with the Ohio Preservation Council, have started training two new lab volunteers, and now we are in the news!  Check out two great articles from two great publications – the University of Cincinnati UC Magazine and the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County’s LibraryLinks.