Odd shaped item? No problem!

For library items that cannot stand by themselves because of their shape or size, placing them in an enclosure is a good solution to the problem.  In this case we made a custom clamshell box with filler because the item, a book on monograms, is shaped like a spade.

DSC04841   DSC04847

In addition to its odd shape, the textblock was very brittle and the cover was somewhat warped and distorted.  Creating a fitted enclosure will help to arrest the warping and protect the brittle pages from rough handling.


The filler for the box was constructed to give support and protection to our valuable book.  For an explanation on how to make a clamshell box with filler, please refer to our earlier blog entitled, “It’s  A Clamshell Box!  With Filler!”   

DSC04846     DSC04843

Patrick Schmude —- Sr. Conservation Technician (UCL)